Published on March 30th, 2017 | by adventuremag

7 Students, 1 Teacher Die in Japanese Avalanche

Tragedy struck when seven high school students and a teacher were killed after an avalanche struck the Nasuonsen Family Ski Resort in Japan. The students were part of a seven-school group that was participating in a three-day mountaineering course.

Another 40 people were reported injured in the accident. The recuse operation utilized more than 100 government troops, who were assisted by other emergency workers. The avalanche struck in the Tochigi prefecture, about 75 miles north of Tokyo after two days of heavy snow. The resort was closed at the time of the slide and n avalanche warning remains in affect.
Certain factors about this accident are unclear, including if any students were wearing avalanche beacons, the current avalanche conditions, and how the slide was triggered. The Japanese government is looking to see if neglect played a factor in the accident.

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