Tahiti and her islands

Tahiti and her islands cover four million square kilometres of ocean which is the same area as European. However the land above sea level accounts for only some 7,000 square kilometres consisting of 118 islands, grouped into five archipelagos (4 volcanic, 1 coral).

French Polyinesia is what South Pacific dream are made of white sand beaches crystal clear blue water and swaying palm trees.

The Polynesians inhabited these islands for several hundred years before their discovery by western explorers. Several marae (religious sites) still exist, scattered throughout the islands as evidence of this inhabitation.

The British discovered Tahiti in the mid 1760′s and Captain Cook visited there in 1769 to observe the Transit of Venus before sailing on to the south and west in search of the fabled Terra Australus Incognita with the assistance of a Polynesian navigator.

Depending on how much time you have Tahiti and her islands have a lot to see and do

What to see

Teahupoo – take a water taxi out to the famous surf break in Teahupoo – Taxis are available from the local marina

Visit the market in Papetee but make sure you go in the morning not the afternoon

Do the round island tour by bus or just hire a car for the day –

Stop at a local restaurant and have Poisson cru (raw fish for lunch)

What to do

Diving in Tahiti and thought out her islands is amazing although not blessed with abundant sponge and coral there is a vast array of large fish and sharks

Go Surfing if you dare – not recommended for the beginner

Paddleboard in the lagoon there are a range of hire places and some hotels have board – the lagoon is super safe but be careful not the pass areas (gaps in the lagoon wall)

Hinano is the local beer there use dot be only one type – but now they introduced Amber as well

Something special – the latest move Point Break was filmed in Teahupoo during a big swell – it is impressive on the big screen it more impressive in real life!


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