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Thrilling Travelling Activities: Wildlife and Speed


People often get caught up in the rat-race that is life and often forget about their own well-being. The very older and successful people keep on mentioning that life is not always about getting a bigger pay-check. The memories, experiences and relationships people make in life start to matter more than success at some point. Travelling and having extreme fun create good experiences that make life more worthwhile. It gets more fun if the activities done are exciting enough to give a challenge and make a heartbeat race every now and then. Here are some travel ideas, activities, and destinations you can consider in 2020.

  • White Water Rafting

White water rafting is a high-adrenaline sport that combines a lot of travel, group fun, challenges, and relaxation. It is one of those things that people should have on their bucket list. The perfect spot to do it would be away from your normal life, away from work or school. Many people travel the world to find a new place for white water rafting once a year, and the most popular destination in 2020 is Ewaso Ng’iro in Kenya. It is liked because it is a long and challenging course and still has places to relax and watch TV sports or play games online.

The Ewaso Ngiro is scenic and provides plenty of opportunities to spot elephants, crocodiles, or even lions while you are on a raft. Travellers get to go through a national park, and that means there is a mini-game drive before all the rafting fun starts. The river itself covers about 180 Km in total and people get to enjoy the wild rafting depending on how much time and guts they have. The high water seasons are May and December. Gamers can choose Class II, II or V rapids, which are marked so to make it easier to choose between course difficulties.

  • Unique Ideas for Adrenaline Seekers

Travelling for adventure does not have to be the boring, quiet, and lonely episodes that most advertising documentaries want to shove down people’s throats. People could always do the activities they do at home but in the wild. An avid gambler could play slots or choose to keep up with their poker games while on the trails. It is interesting that people can break away from their routine, travel, play some casino games and still win real money online. Travellers can still have crazy fun in a real money online casino NZ reviewed by iCasinoReviews while out in the wild enjoying nature.

If a traveller is more of an adrenaline-seeker than a person looking for some low-energy, quiet affair, Asia is a good place to visit. There are some unique adventures of a lifetime, such as taking a tiger tour or elephant safari. They provide a lot of adrenaline that can make good life memories. Of course, there is plenty of flex points to make as these tours often come with many photograph-taking opportunities. This is extremely important if you care about your social media clout. Other activities that are close to that include birding or high altitude climbing.

  • Tiger Tours

What if people knew that they could interact with tigers outside an online game or watching a wildlife channel? Tiger tours let travellers enjoy an up-close view around various national parks in India. There are national parks that are dedicated to tigers only. That means that it’s a good place to visit so as to enjoy this rare animal that is almost going into extinction. Some of the parks include Rathambore, Kanha, and Periyar. The list is quite vast but those seem to stand out for people who want to be up close to tigers, camp and still have somewhere to charge a tablet and continue gaming after hours.

Tiger photography tours are ideal for nature lovers who want to take some cool shots with wildlife. The tigers actually have a higher chance of surviving if visitors continue paying to visit the national parks. Know what that means? This is a fun, exciting way to spend time while still actively playing a great part in nature preservation. Furthermore, there are plenty of other wild species that are photo-worthy, so don’t forget to tag your cameras along when visiting these parks.

  • Take an Elephant Safari

There is a reason why the elephant is considered to be one of the most intelligent animals. The way they interact with species of their own, their memory and intelligence make them a one of a kind animal. Elephants mingle well with humans and can be an ideal safari travel if with kids. India is one of the best places to take an Elephant safari as there are many small and large wildlife safaris that show them in large numbers. The biggest one is the Jim Corbett national park. People who visit can take a ride on a well-trained elephant. The elephant rides take merry-makers through forest routes that have scenic hillside views and rivers.

  • Birding for Fun

There is some natural allure that comes with birds. These flying animals are very fascinating especially with their different sizes, wing structures, and how they hunt. The good thing is that people can relate with them more than just having a tattoo of an eagle. Birding is one of the fastest-growing activities done by tourists. There are different bird sanctuaries in Asia, East Africa, Mid-Western USA, and Australia. People could keep a book and scribble quick notes about the birds that they have seen in various places. Actually, when bird enthusiasts meet, they can boast the number of species they have seen. That’s pretty much like flaunting the trophies won in a sport or online chess tournament.

Must-have travel tips

In conclusion, when travelling to the wilderness or to a foreign place, it is good to always seek the help of a travel agent and include a tour guide if needed. Good preparation ensures that you do not get stranded because of a small issue that had been ignored. A little miss-planning can really ruin an otherwise great adventure. Here are some things that you can do to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

  • Study a travel guide and develop a travel danger map.
  • Find out about the weather conditions in the area.
  • Prepare clothing to protect against bugs or vermin.
  • Keep a list of emergency contacts and embassy numbers.
  • Know some basic laws about the country visited.
  • Find the best travel deals around the area.
  • Carry some fun games you can play while idle.

Still think travel isn’t for you yet? I hope we changed your mind.

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