5 places to virtual places to visit while staying at home

Many cities and nations worldwide have urged or even mandated their citizens to stay in their homes to stop COVID-19 from spreading.  We would appreciate the importance of so many things that we took for granted: the opportunity to fly by choice to another place, visit art galleries or museums, or take the family to a theme park or zoo for a pleasant day. Because of the ongoing health crisis of COVID-19, non-essential journeys are not taking place today. We all must play a role in slowing down the spread of this very serious virus when cancelling your vacation on a personal level.

However, one thing is right: we live in a digital age where we do face many experiences of the real world that have become digital experiences, allowing us to explore the world within our four walls and also you can look into a list of real money casinos. Now we have a chance to better ourselves and do things we have never had time to do or dreamed of like to learn more about art or history, go on a wild holiday or even visit outdoor space.

While it is impossible, yet this does not mean that you cannot travel from your living room comfort. Digital tours can be found in many popular tourist attractions and can be accessed using your screen, tablet, or smartphone. This is a perfect way to spend time indoors, and it may even give you something which you have never dreamt of. 

Places that you should visit virtually while staying home are as follows:


  • The Grand Canyon – USA


The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous natural attractions in America, being a bucket list for many people. Nothing compares with actually seeing it, but while you sit at home, a virtual tour might do the trick. There are many online tours for the National Parks Service – including popular hiking and rafting tours. 


  • Sistine Chapel – Vatican City


You will have to wait hours in line under the ordinary circumstances for the Sistine Chapel to reach the Vatican City. That’s not a concern now that everything is done. You can see the renowned chapel and the art inside online – there are no long lines and no time to wait! Watch out for Michelangelo’s famous ceiling.


  • Great Wall of China – China

To see the world’s popular attraction, you don’t have to fly to China. “Walk” on a virtual tour around the Great Wall of China. This tour will relax many people, as you visit this location that normally crawls with visitors. It’s quiet – we can all take advantage of it now!


  • Great Barrier Reef – Australia

The Great Barrier Reef brings a single toe into the water. You will love his virtual tour of this gem if you’re a Sir David Attenborough fan. The interactive videos are instructional, so suitable for parents who want to learn at home despite being self-isolated.


  • Jerusalem Old City – Israel


As Passover and Easter come and many of us do not see relatives and let alone participate in a religious service personally, you may be finding ways of communicating with the world. Take a virtual tour of Jerusalem’s Old City – the center of three key faiths. You can also visit the Old Town with a secular lens because of its beautiful architecture.


  • Monterey Bay Aquarium


Studies have shown that aquarium control leads to stress and anxiety reduction — and that is no exception for the virtual version. After a few minutes with the otter cam, we think your mood will change as one of the lives exhibit by the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium who explore different species and make your quarantine fun. Keep your mind open to learn more from everywhere.

  1. Berlin Philharmonic

The legendary Berlin Philharmonic performs home concerts for free: Reach for free the Wireless Concert Hall of the orchestra before the end of March and stage hundreds of impressive performances from your sofa. Indeed, the play has become a hymn in recent weeks, with all of them chiming in (also homebound) Spanish window music from the (homebound) Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. You will get to explore the peace in music and your brain will be refreshed.


  • The San Diego Zoo

The country’s most-visited zoo—with more than 3,500 animals in residence—was a pioneer in the world of open-air habitats and remains a leader in conservation science. You can catch a number of the most beloved inhabitants—from koalas to penguins to the new baby orangutan of the Lost Forest—on live streams.  This is the most famous tourist place and people visit here to spend time in the natural environment and enjoy some peaceful time in nature.

  1. The Metropolitan Opera

 One of the biggest cultural organizations in New York City has been broadcasting free HD Live performances throughout the past decade. Today, we are mid-Wagner Week — which is more in the picture now than a deep dive into a confrontation. You will get to have a lot of fun and enjoyment when you will explore more about metropolitan opera.

Let’s Relax

Hopefully, these virtual tours help you pass the time and make you smile. Things are hard right now, but if we all do our part through self-isolation and physical distancing, we can soon return to normalcy. Share these virtual tours along with a list of real money casinos with your friends and family whom you can’t be with right now. Make sure you are staying connected with the world, even if you can’t be exploring it in person.

Institutions all over the world have opened their virtual doors to the world in unity and encouragement, providing free content such as virtual tours, educational videos, live streams, etc. Don’t be in a hurry to go outside instead stay at home and stay safe, spend time with your family, and enjoy every moment of life.


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