6 ways gaming online can be sustainable

Our planet is in crisis and it’s up to big businesses in every industry to do their part and operate more sustainably. This includes industries you would not typically associate with environmental activity, such as online gaming. We are already seeing a shift in this industry and many of the big game developers, gambling platforms and game outlets are promoting sustainability in an effort to be more eco-friendly.

Below, we look at six simple ways that gaming online can be sustainable, and what companies can do to reduce their environmental impact.

1. Companies can reduce their carbon footprint

Many companies are introducing sustainability initiatives in NZ and one of these is an aim to reduce their carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint measures how much carbon dioxide you release into the atmosphere as a direct or indirect result of your activities.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are known to be detrimental to our atmosphere and environment. Companies involved in online gaming can attempt to reduce their carbon emissions either directly, or via a carbon offset program.

Carbon offset programs allow companies to compensate for their emissions by contributing funding to the same volume of carbon dioxide reduction elsewhere.

2. They can also reduce power consumption

A huge environmental problem we face is our power consumption. Industries are burning through fossil fuels and churning through our natural resources at an ever-increasing rate, and it is worrying that we will eventually simply drain our planet.

Gaming companies and online gamers should seek to reduce their power consumption. For online gamers, this could be something as simple as gaming for a few hours less every day or week and making sure their PC or console is switched off when not in use.

Companies can make improvements to their facilities and manufacturing process, and even look for server clusters that specialize in power optimization and power-saving features.

3. Renewable energy sources should be used

Our planet has a finite amount of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Fossil fuels are also unclean and contribute to the pollution of our atmosphere. Instead, online gaming companies and gaming fans should aim to use renewable energy sources.

Big corporations can do this easier as they have quicker access to different types of clean energy such as wind power and solar, but even individual people can make a contribution by having solar panels installed on their property.

The less we rely on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy, the more sustainable businesses and the online gaming industry becomes.

4. Reduce waste

We live in a wasteful society and although the online gaming industry isn’t the worst offender, things can still be improved. For example, online casinos and online gaming services can adopt paperless operations to reduce paper waste. They should also strive to used recycled materials and dispose of their waste sustainably.

Individual online gamers and gamblers can use similar tactics. For example, they could do away with physical games and move to download-only versions like those the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S uses. People can also easily recycle at home and use recycled goods where possible.

5. Promote sustainability in the industry

If just one online gaming company or one online gamer works or lives in a sustainable manner, then we have made progress. However, for big change, we need everyone to get in on the act, which is why it’s important for people and companies to promote sustainability and challenge others to follow suit.

Companies should aim to be thought leaders and pioneers of sustainability in the online gaming industry. Online gamers can do this too. If you see your friends or family acting irresponsibly, do your bit and encourage them to change. Sustainability is something that everyone should strive for.

6. Promote environmental awareness in their products

Online gambling and online gaming companies should also seek to actively promote sustainability in their platforms and products. Online casinos can do this by promoting environmentally friendly software developers and casino games, while online gaming companies can do something similar.

As a bare minimum, companies should have a dedicated section on their website detailing their sustainability. This should outline their approach, what they intend to do and their goals in the upcoming years, such as aiming to be carbon neutral.

The online gaming industry can lead the way in sustainability

Due to the incredible popularity of online gaming and online gambling, it’s especially important for gamers, gamblers and the companies at the heart of these industries to promote sustainability. These multibillion-dollar industries have a huge environmental impact, so if companies start to use the above ways to become more sustainable, the entire planet can benefit.

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