7 Reasons Why You Should Trust Active Adventures to Organise Your Family Holiday This Year

Now that you’ve explored every inch of your backyard, and house, and the internet – you’re probably itching to reconnect with friends and family and get back out adventuring in the great outdoors. We get it – the virtual tours aren’t doing much for us either anymore.
When we dream of travel, most of us go to places in our minds that are far from our own backyards. However, this is set to change for many Kiwis as we collectively begin to look for an adventure closer to home. Your plans for a midwinter European adventure being canned now gives you the unprecedented opportunity to see some of New Zealand’s best without the usual tourist buses or people getting in the way of your perfect shot. If you’ve always wanted to discover Milford Sound or bring your family on a real backcountry experience, now is a better time than ever.

With over two decades of experience up their sleeves guiding thousands of happy travellers around the world, Active Adventures take the hassle and risk out of organising your trip. You might think you know New Zealand, but their knowledgeable Kiwi guides will show you some of the country’s best-kept secrets.
Here’s why you can say ‘no’ to organising a trip by yourself, and instead get your family or group onto an Active Adventure.

1. They’ll cater for all abilities
All their trip itineraries include a detailed breakdown of the ‘activity level’ involved, from ‘What’s the Rush’ right through to ‘Challenge Accepted’. They also provide detailed distance and elevation information for each hike, so you know exactly what you’re in for and you can make educated decisions about which trip is right for you.
Within each trip they also have many options available like add-ons for those keen for more, or ‘let’s just chill’ options for those who’ve reached their capacity for the day. Their guides are also there to help and encourage you through some of the more challenging activities that you might not feel so comfortable doing alone!

2. They’ll cater for all requirements
From specific diets to rooming requests to who gets the front seat on the bus, their guides will do everything they can to ensure that not only is everyone catered for, but everyone can get the maximum out of their holiday without worrying about individual plans. They look after the big stuff, so you can enjoy the small stuff. They also offer private trips if your group is over 6 people, meaning your experience will be completely personalised to meet your group’s specific needs.

3. They’ll bring you to new places, off the tourist trail
Their trips have always included a mix of must-sees and hidden gems, but as a Kiwi visiting your own country, you’ve probably seen a LOT of the must-sees already. That’s why they’ve developed 8 news trips, from 2 to 6 days, taken straight from their staff’s bucket-lists. From a backcountry adventure in Nelson Lakes National Park, to flying deep into Aspiring National Park to hike to the insanely blue Crucible Lake, to an assisted biking adventure on the Alps 2 Ocean trail or a more relaxed retreat under the sun with amazing food and wine near Nelson – just take your pick!

4. You know you’ll be in safe hands
They’ve been guiding adventures here in New Zealand for 24 years now – and passion for the outdoors has lead them to start guiding in other parts of the world, like Patagonia and the Himalayas, always using New Zealand safety standards, which are some of the highest in the world. So, whether they’re talking about the food on your plate or crossing a river safely, they make sure their guides get the best training.
5. They make logistics a breeze
While on a trip with Active Adventures you won’t have to worry about a thing. They make sure the jet boat on the Wilkin River is waiting for you just at the right time, or the boat onto the Milford Sound has your name and personal requests before you’ve set foot on board. You’ll get a packing list telling you how many pairs of socks you need, and even a pre-trip training program if you wish. Even if you’ve travelled these parts of the country before – logistics for a group can be a headache and can take the shine off your holiday planning. Let them do that for you. They’ll even help you make sure you get to meet the trip at the right place and time and have onward travel sorted for when it’s time to say goodbye.

6. Guaranteed value for your money
Quite simply, it is now more affordable than ever to have your whole trip organised for you, and having someone else take care of the nitty-gritty details is the most important ingredient in you being able to enjoy exploring, hassle-free.

Sure, you can book a trip by yourself, but you run the risk of getting messed around with accommodation that doesn’t live up to its photos, unreliable and uncomfortable transport, and you miss out on the expertise, knowledge and care of local guides. It’s better to invest your money in a trip that is guaranteed to be seamless and stress-free, than cut corners to try and save a few dollars by throwing a trip together yourself! Active Adventures trips are all-inclusive, providing great value for your money.
7. Your guides will be the best of the best

If you haven’t spent your lockdown period from Coronavirus studying the flora and fauna of New Zealand and the history of each area… don’t worry. On an Active Adventures trip, you will have 2 Kiwi guides along with you every step of the way who are not only great cooks, budding comedians, pack carriers, safe drivers and planning gurus – they’re also walking encyclopaedias. Travelling with their guides means that you won’t miss the opportunity to see the Southern Lights, have a flowering Rata pointed out to you, or hear about the history and movement of the glaciers. It’s the kind of details that can take your experience from great to unforgettable. Oh, and it shouldn’t be forgotten that they know ALL the best coffee spots across the country, so you don’t have to waste your precious mornings hunting down the good stuff. They’ll do that part for you too!

So just say ‘no’ to wrangling your friends and family for a trip. They’ll do it for you – headache-free. Just decide which of their 22 adventures is the most tempting to you, or just reach out at [email protected] or 03 450 0414 to get the advice of an adventure planner!

Just decide which of their 22 adventures is the most tempting to you, or just reach out at [email protected] or 03 450 0414 to get the advice of an adventure planner!

Discover you next destination here https://activeadventures.com/


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