8 beginner tips you NEED To know on how to start outdoor rock climbing


How to start outdoor rock climbing or looking for beginner rock climbing tips on how to start outdoor rock climbing? Then watch this rock climbing video for beginners on how what you need to know before starting outdoor rock climbing.

Rock climbing is very different from climbing indoors in a climbing gym. In this rock climbing video, I have collected my biggest tips from my own outdoor rock climbing, and I will tell you about important differences from indoor gym climbing, you need to know. Besides that, I will also introduce you to great beginners’ rock climbing destinations in Europe and share a few tips on what rock climbing gear you need bring. But watch this rock climbing video for beginners to find out!

1st beginners rock climbing tip: First of all – start with single pitch sport climbing! This resembles indoor gym climbing the most, so you can easily build up skill and outdopr rock climbing experience.

There are some differences between outdoor rock climbing and indoor gym climbing. One thing you’ll discover is that you cannot climb as hard as you do indoors. With outdoor rock climbing, climbing holds can be difficult to identify, since they all look the same! As you progress and start climbing harder outdoors, the number of climbing holds drop, and you can navigate by all the chalk marks other climbers have left behind.

Another thing is that outdoor climbing is a mental game! Taking climbing falls outdoors can be scarier because the distance between the bolts is often greater, and you will take longer falls! And this takes some experience getting used to.

2nd beginners rock climbing tip: There are many great rock climbing spots all over the world, but if you are based in Europe, I would highly recommend going to Italy, and especially Arco near the Garda Lake is fantastic place to start! There are loads of great beginners rock climbing crags and most beginners routes are really well protected with bolts every one to two meters

3rd beginners rock climbing tip: Get a hand full of maillons also called bail carabiners. If you find yourself on a route that is too tough, and you have to be lowered off, then you should place a maillon in the bolt and be lowered off that.

4th beginners rock climbing tip: Get a 60 meters climbing rope, or even a 70 meters climbing rope, with a coating that protects against dust and sand. Your rope will last significantly longer and it is definitely worth the investment.

5th beginners rock climbing tip: You should also consider getting a ropebag to store your rope in, when belaying. I own the Petzl Kliff which is a great bag with plenty room for gear, rope and a bottle of water, but actually one of those blue IKEA bags is a cheap alternative you can use as your first rope bag.

6th beginners rock climbing tip: As there are no quickdraws attached to the bolts outside you need to bring your own. For your first set of quickdraws go for something that are durable and light weight like the Petzl Spirit Express or the Black Diamond Positron. Personally,, I carry the DMM Phantom Express, which are super light weight, but I also use them for ice climbing and alpine climbing

7th beginners rock climbing tip: I like having a physical guidebook and publishers like Rockfax and Vertical Life make some excellent guidebooks! But, in these modern times you can also get apps with topography for different crags

8th beginners rock climbing tip: Get a huge roll of sport tape, so you can tape your fingers up. Making the transition from soft plastic holds in your local climbing gym to the hard granite in Chamonix or limestone of Arco is really tough on your fingers.

I hope this rock climbing tips for beginners video has helped yout out!

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