A bag for life.

Made from recycled yacht sails with grunty zips, sail thread stitching, and webbing straps which are designed to just grab and drag, there is a handy zip pocket at one end

Personalize with initials or numbers for yourself; they are also a great gift. Our sailmaker has had his for 30 years, still going strong and never repaired.

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75cm length x 35cm diameter. They are a decent size to hold gear or clothes. We use ours as clothes bags and as gear bags for our diving and ski gear, the heavy-duty material, staps and stitching means we can drag and grab them on and off boats, wharves, and beaches. We’ve given them an absolute thrashing, they’re a joy to use. We’re very proud they are made in New Zealand from recycled yacht sails by a world-class sailmaker who has worked on numerous around the world sailing campaigns. $115 at

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