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Off the back of popular screenings along Australia’s East Coast and across the United States, new Patagonia film ‘The Physics of Noseriding’ is available to watch free, online.

The noseride is one of surfing’s peak moments; part fluid dynamics, part magic.

But how does noseriding actually work? What makes this suspension between sea and sky even possible?


These questions are explored by the film’s protagonist Namaala Slabb, a young surfer whose people were flying on the water before the world even knew what surfing was. Namaala’s curiosity invites us to examine the sensation of levitation that unfolds as wave, surfboard, and surfer come together for surfing’s fluid dance: the noseride.


‘The Physics of Noseriding’ marks Patagonia Ambassador and author Lauren L. Hill’s directorial debut. Alongside herself and Namaala it features surfing from Belinda Baggs, Ari Browne, Matt Cuddihy, Leah Dawson, Crystal Dzigas, Ashi Hilmer, Rosie Jaffurs, Kelis Kaleopa’a, Lola Mignot, Josie Prendergast, Dave Rastovich, Jalaan Slabb, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Elise Trigger and historical footage of Rabbit Kekai and David Nuuhiwa.


“I made ’The Physics of Noseriding’ for folks who appreciate the subtler arts of the surfing experience. Those who want to better understand how the magic levitation of a proper noseride is possible,” tells Lauren. “I hope people feel inspired to follow their own curiosities, and to go surfing – especially to get out there and hang hip!

Watch ‘The Physics of Noseriding’ now at Patagonia.com.au/physicsofnoseriding

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