A plan to keep on bottom trawling!


The government’s latest fisheries plan proposes to use millions of dollars of public money to invest in new, more powerful trawling vessels, meaning more low-value exports and more damage to the marine environment.

The Draft Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan, created by Fisheries New Zealand in conjunction with Seafood NZ and other commercial seafood bodies, is full of greenwash supposedly aimed at convincing us that it’s worthwhile investing our hard-earned cash in a virtually bankrupt commercial fisheries sector.

In the midst of a cost of living crisis, do you really want to see your hard-earned money go towards destructive fishing methods and further degrading New Zealand waters?

We certainly don’t. 

Fisheries New Zealand and Seafood NZ are expecting to use public taxpayer money to subsidise ongoing bulk harvesting in the form of at the very minimum using 46 million dollars to invest in new bottom trawl and other bulk harvest fishing vessels.

It’s time for change. After 37 years, if the fishing industry hasn’t generated enough profit to upgrade its own fleet, it’s high time to replace the failing Quota Management System and reassess how that industry is operated in general.

Let the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries, Rachel Brooking, know how you feel about the latest plan.


You can have your say here.








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