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All You Need To Know About Important Travel Vaccinations


Are you taking a trip to the exotic plains of Africa or planning to visit the northern beauty of Pakistan? We are sure you have prepared the itinerary carefully, but have you sorted your travel vaccinations, too? Did you know travelling to high-risk destinations like Africa, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh without a travel vaccine can result in numerous medical complications? If not treated on time, complications like typhoid fever can be fatal.

 If you have plans to travel anytime soon, get your travel vaccination a week or two before you travel. Talk to your healthcare professional and get the ball rolling.

 Here’s all you need to know about travel vaccination.

 If you’ve never been briefed about travel vaccines, don’t worry; it’s a first for many. We have everything about travel vaccines and when to get one if you plan to travel to underdeveloped countries.

 Travel vaccines come in various types, such as

Different types of Travel Vaccinations

Routine: These are essential vaccinations you must get regardless of your travelling plans. These may include measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination.

 Destination Specific: these are sorted as per the destination you are travelling to. For example, suppose you are travelling to India or any part of South Asia. In that case, you must get vaccinated for Typhoid or yellow fever if you are going to Africa or South America.

 Required: most popular tourist destinations require proof of certain vaccinations. Or else they don’t grant entry on their land. These may include Covid vaccination, Yellow fever, Polio, and typhoid vaccination.

Why Should I Get Vaccinated If I Am Healthy?

Many widespread infections and diseases are uncommon in Australia, so vaccination is highly recommended when travelling to other parts of the world.

 Travelling without vaccination not only puts you at risk of getting severely ill while travelling. But it also poses a danger when you return home because you can be a carrier of the bacteria that may expose Austrailians to infections.

Necessary Vaccines You Need To Get Before Traveling

The following is the comprehensive list of vaccines you may need before travelling. It’s best to consult your health care professional to know which should be administered according to your travelling plans.

 Factors to consider before getting the vaccine


     Vaccination history

     Pregnancy or planning

     Illness, past or present

     Traveling time, duration, and season


Following are the Vaccinations To Get When Traveling


     Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B


     Chickenpox (varicella)


     Yellow fever

     Tuberculosis (TB)


     Influenza (flu)



 Apart from the vaccinations mentioned above, there may be other vaccinations specific to the destination you are travelling to. So, it’s always good to ask your healthcare provider or check on the embassy website of the country you are travelling to. As they say, better safe than sorry.

When Should I Get The Vaccination?

The best time to get the vaccination before travelling is anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks. However, it’s better to consult your healthcare provider for a better action plan regarding your travel vaccinations. Travelling should be the best part of your life and be spent laughing, not being sick in an alien country.


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