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American League Baseball Players Who Have Been Seen in Casinos


There is perhaps nothing more American that a game of baseball on a summer afternoon. While many of us flock to these games in order to get a closer look at our favourite players, it is important to remember that these very same personalities pursue plenty of other hobbies while away from the diamond. Casinos are a perfect example in this case. Whether playing games to blow off a bit of steam or to earn extra money, many well-known names are no strangers to the gambling circuit. Let’s take a quick look at a handful of examples to appreciate just how popular the wagering community has become.


John Burkett

John Burkett is a retired American League player known for his stint with the Boston Red Sox. While not pitching on the mound, Burkett was and is a regular fan of both blackjack and poker. It is said that Burkett was first inspired to become involved after witnessing Chris Moneymaker’s massive win at the 2003 World Series of Poker main event. Since then, Burkett has adopted a more casual approach and he claims to particularly enjoy the mental side of casino gambling.


While sometimes still seen at physical establishments such as the MGM Grand, Burkett is also said to participate within the digital gaming community from time to time. This is no great surprise, as the ability to enjoy a hand of poker or to play blackjack online offers a host of additional benefits when partnering with platforms such as Jackpot City. Thanks to live dealer games, amenable welcome bonuses and regular promotions, little is left to chance in terms of overall enjoyment.

Alex Rodriquez

Although now retired, A-Rod is no stranger to any Yankees fan. Rodriquez also walked away with three American League MVP awards, ten Silver Slugger trophies and a World Series Championship ring. Still, baseball was (and is) not his only passion. A-Rod was an avid poker player during his tenure with Major League Baseball and he continues to pursue this hobby into the present day. Rumours also claim that he has become involved with the online betting community; perfectly understandable when we consider his track record.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds was a true powerhouse during the 1990s and along with other personalities such as Mark McGuire, he served to redefine power at the plate. However, even some of his most avid fans might not realise that poker was another passion that he pursued. Bonds has been known to participate in charitable tournaments; the most recent being hosted by other star players including Bryce Harper and Dexter Fowler. Bonds is said to be a die-hard fan of poker and while he has not disclosed his winnings, we have to imagine that be presents an equally formidable persona on the felt.


These American League players have certainly earned the right to enjoy a bit of downtime. Whether referring to poker, blackjack or the countless other casino games, there is little doubt that they will keep coming back for more.


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