Antarctic world record attempt cut short due to suspected kidney stones



Sam Coxwho featured in teh last issue of Adventure the ex-Royal Marine from Torquay in a bid to set a new Antarctic world record has been flown off the ice due to a suspected kidney stones. 

After 32 days on the ice, skiing solo and unsupported for over 600km pulling all his supplies and equipment weighing 25 stone – Sam Cox last week traversed the Ronne ice shelf before climbing onto the mainland of Antarctica. 

It was here that Sam started to experience some discomfort. As the pain worsened and other symptoms began to show Sam sought medical advice. 

Despite Sam wanting to push on, the medical team intervened due to the risk to his physical wellbeing and the potential implications to his long-term health if left untreated.

At 22:40 on Thursday night (UK time) the decision was made to extract him from the ice, with a plane now on its way to take Sam to hospital for further tests and treatment. 

From the ice, Sam messaged his expedition team saying; “It’s devastating to be forced to cut the expedition short. Despite some challenging conditions I was feeling good and my momentum was building into an important stage of the expedition.

“I want to continue, but in the end the decision was taken out of my hands. 

“It’s difficult to put into words the disappointment. It’s been three and a half years of planning and preparation.”

Sam will now be flown to a hospital in Chile where he’ll undergo tests and treatment, before heading back to the UK.

Despite being medically withdrawn from his world record attempt, Sam managed to cover 600km of tough Antarctic terrain, including 1,100 metres of elevation.

“It’s too early to say about another attempt” he said. “However, the first 600km felt good, and there was plenty more in the tank.”

Abi, Sam’s wife and a key part of his expedition team, added; “He’s incredible and given this expedition everything. I know how much he would have been pushing to carry on, however I’m glad that there are an amazing team of medical professionals supporting him to make those tough calls. 

“The most important thing is for him to come back safely and in good health.”

Sam has been supported by Team Forces and Resilient Nutrition to embark on this epic adventure.  

For more information, follow Sam on www.frozendagger.co.uk  


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