Arisa Trew lands 720: Australian teen makes skateboarding history as first female to land 720


As our womens issue looms in August -we have been focused on womens successes then  this young girl yesterday has cracked a world fisrt – stay tuned for more details

Thirteen-year-old Arisa Trew from the Gold Coast, who is ranked 14th in the world and aims to represent Australia at next year’s 2024 Paris Olympic Games, lands two mid-air rotations at the Tony Hawk Vert Alert in the US on Sunday. ‘I’m so excited to be the first girl to land a 720 in the world,’ Trew says. Her coach, Trevor Ward, says, ‘It really was an amazing thing. We’ve worked really hard … Just a lot of training, a lot of pain and she came through with the goods on the biggest stage in the world’


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