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From Back Country Cuisine

After the great news that soft-plastics recycling has resumed in Christchurch, we decided it was the perfect time to get on board and join the scheme so Back Country Cuisine pouches can be diverted from landfill to a new use.

Another great aspect of the soft-plastic recycling scheme now is that recycling is happening in New Zealand and plastic is being used to create new products for New Zealanders. The plastic is being turned into new plastic fence posts by Future Post that perform better than traditional posts, which in turn benefits Kiwi farmers who use them.

We’re very happy to have found a way for our existing Back Country Cuisine pouches to be recycled as they work so well at keeping our meals food safe. For a long time, our desire to reduce the environmental impact of our pouches was at odds with the food safety and longevity of our Back Country Cuisine meals. This scheme solves that problem by enabling us to keep using our existing pouches that we know work really well.

How to recycle Back Country Cuisine pouches in New Zealand:

  1. Be a tidy Kiwi and pack your used Back Country Cuisine pouches out of the bush.
  2. When you get home wash and dry your pouches as part of doing the dishes.
  3. Drop your clean and dry Back Country Cuisine pouches into the Love NZ Soft Plastics Recycling bins. Find your nearest bin
  4. Get onboard and let’s get those used pouches being made into better posts for Kiwi farmers!


Questions and Answers

Q – Back Country Cuisine pouches have Aluminium foil in them, how can they be considered soft-plastics?

A – As long as specified secondary materials such as foil in plastic pouches are less than 30% by weight the pouch is accepted as soft plastic for recycling.


Q – Is it a perfect solution for reducing the environmental impact of Back Country Cuisine pouches?

A – No, but it’s a great step in reducing the environmental impact of our pouches.

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