Beyond Ordinary Dive Experiences

Vertical walls, volcanic pinnacles, lava tubes, caverns, shipwrecks, humpback whales and snakes. The South Pacific is the place that has it all. The catch – and it’s a good one – you’ll need to venture into its underwater world.

The warm, clear waters of the South Pacific is where you can come face to face with tiger, reef and bull sharks (to name a few), swim with humpback whales, and dive with manta rays. It’s also the only place you can dive with venomous but docile Niuean Sea Kraits (snakes).

But the thrills don’t stop at its marine life. The South Pacific features the “Coral Capital of the World” – home to stunning coral gardens and vertical walls that drop to over 100m plus it offers some of the best dive sites for WWII wrecks in the world.

The choice and options for dive experiences in this region are as outstanding and unique as they are immense. So, where do you start? travel&co has a team of Active Travel Experts who live and breathe the active travel experience and have a way of working that always puts you first. “It’s about you and what you want to do.”

For insider tips on the best dive locations and tailormade diving experiences contact the Active Travel Experts at travel&co.

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