BIKE TO FLY | 9 Days of Bikepacking and Fly Fishing Through Patagonia



Bikepacking through Patagonia! In BIKE TO FLY, a new film from Will Phelps, anglers participate in an extraordinary trip.

From Will Phelps:

“About two years ago, my friend Miles Sebald decided to travel up to Dead Horse, Alaska, with his bike and ride south in one push to the opposite side of the world in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Erika and I made plans to meet up with Miles when he reached Patagonia, where we biked and fished with him for 9 days.


4WD Coffee: https://4wdcoffee.com/

Filmed by: Miles Sebald, Erika Florian, and Will Phelps

Edited by: Will Phelps

Animations by: Annie Robertson”

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