How surfing heals

Blue hour is known as the timeless moment just before sunrise or right after sunset. When the sky overhead takes on a deep blue tone and bathes your entire view in blue. This time of day is cherished by many and held dear by early risers heading to embrace the first moment they can.

Blue Hour is ecologyst’s newest short film exploring the life of Matt Young, a 40-year old former snowboarder turned surfer who is living the life many of us dream of on the rocky shores of Vancouver Island. For Matt surfing isn’t just an activity, it’s a way to connect with himself and mentally recharge among the waves.

“It’s not just about being on a board or riding a wave. It’s everything about the ocean, what it carries and the life it brings.” – Matt Young

Directed by: Cody Preston + Cam William MacArthur
Cinematography by: Cam William MacArthur + Jasper Sassaman + Kait Rogers
Edited by: Jasper Sassaman

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