Caver Trapped 1,000m Down and could remain there for weeks


In the depths of a renowned cave in Turkey, an American explorer found himself facing a dire situation. Mark Dickey, a 40-year-old adventurer, encountered a sudden and alarming health crisis (a suspcted stomac bleed) while exploration within the Morca Cave, located in southern Turkey during late August. This cave expedition involved a group of seasoned explorers, but as fate would have it, Dickey fell seriously ill deep within the cave’s intricate labyrinth.

Descending over 1,000 meters into the cave’s subterranean realm, Dickey’s condition deteriorated to the point where he was unable to make the arduous journey back to the cave’s entrance.

In a race against time, a team of rescuers, aided by a Hungarian doctor, swiftly mobilized with support from the Turkish government. The scene was captured on video, where Dickey expressed his gratitude for the prompt response and life-saving medical care he received. – see below

“I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone here and acknowledge the incredible response from the caving community. The world of cave exploration is tightly-knit, and it’s truly remarkable to witness how many individuals rallied on the surface,” Dickey conveyed in the video.

While Dickey’s life had been preserved thanks to the rapid intervention and expert attention he received, the ordeal was far from over. The explorer and his rescuers faced the daunting prospect of spending “days or even weeks” navigating the intricate cave system before Dickey would regain the strength necessary to traverse numerous body-sized passages on the arduous journey back to safety.


The complexities of this rescue operation have been meticulously outlined in a comprehensive report by USA Today, under the organizational leadership of the European Cave Rescue Association (ECRA). The cave has been strategically divided into seven segments, with each section assigned to a specialized team. The operation involves a Turkish team stationed from the entrance to a depth of 180 meters, followed by a Hungarian team responsible for the stretch from 180 meters to 360 meters. Subsequently, a Polish team takes over the rescue efforts from 360 meters down to 500 meters. Two Italian teams are dedicated to covering the terrain from 500 meters to 715 meters.

Lastly, the responsibility for rescuing Mark Dickey rests with two teams from Croatia and Bulgaria, who are tasked with reaching his location, which lies further deep within the cave’s labyrinthine passages.

The magnitude of this rescue mission has placed substantial demands on coordination and financial resources. An ongoing GoFundMe campaign has managed to raise over $50,000 to support the operation. The latest update from the ECRA, issued on a Friday morning, indicates that all teams are diligently working to ensure the commencement of the transport of Mark Dickey to the surface as soon as possible.

Morca Cave stands as Turkey’s third-largest cave system, nestled amidst the stunning Taurus Mountains, near the picturesque Eremenek Baraji, an alpine lake. Its depths plummet to an astonishing 1,276 meters, offering a challenging and awe-inspiring environment for exploration.

Mark Dickey, known for his role as Chief of the New Jersey Initial Response Team, a volunteer organization specializing in cave and mine rescue, and as an instructor for the National Cave Rescue Commission, finds himself in a situation where the connection between his official duties and the current incident remains unclear.


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