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Spinlock’s new Deckvest Nemo+

the ‘playful’ way to keep kids safe


Spinlock’s new Deckvest Nemo+ is a combination lifejacket and deck harness designed specifically to keep younger crew members safe and comfortable on the water.


Available in two sizes: Infant (for those up to 15kg) and Child (for those 15-30kg), the Deckvest Nemo+ is a high-volume buoyancy 150N lifejacket with a supporting collar, ensuring that children are turned over with their head supported out of the water, even if they are non-swimmers.


The Deckvest Nemo+ also features a back harness for a safety line, to help keep small hands away from the clips ¾ and a cleverly designed front hand-only grab handle so adults can lift the child to safety with minimal risk of snagging.


With a bright, playful look that makes them fun to wear, the Deckvest Nemo+ lifejackets boast soft neck panels to reduce chafing and a padded secure leg strap to hold the jacket in place. They are also easy to attach and to adjust the buckle for extra safety.


Spinlock’s “playful” new Deckvest Nemo+ combination lifejackets and deck harnesses are now available through Lusty and Blundell’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers and at their three showrooms in Albany, Whangarei and Tauranga.


Product information is available from Lusty and Blundell  at



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