Delve Deeper into Niue

From the sea, there is little to suggest much has changed on the island of Niue since the first Polynesian explorers arrived over 1000 years ago. Unquestionably Niue has natural beauty in abundance, but its real attraction can only be experienced by spending time on this remote tropical island. It’s more than the alluring reef pools, romantic sandy coves and lush rainforests. It goes beyond the dramatic, jagged limestone pinnacles standing in stark contrast to the purest of blue seas.

After researching Niue as a destination you soon get an idea of what awaits an adventurous traveller. While most island destinations market sand, sun and sea, Niue is completely different, embracing their land and sea based activities in equal standing.


In fact that is all that is really on offer on the small island nation – an array of natural activities including, diving, snorkeling, fishing charters, swimming with humpback whales (in season) and reef walking for the water lovers and for those who enjoy having both feet firmly on the ground a mix of plantation tours, assisted walks, bike riding and numerous tracks to walk all over the island ranging from moderate to hard – there’s something for all in this natural fun park.


After the many adventures that can be had on this nature-filled island, you can relax and enjoy a meal in one of the many great restaurants. From the freshest sushi made especially by samurai chefs flown down to the island every 2 years from Japan, right through to culinary island fare utilising traditional methods of cooking. There is also a large array of European inspired cafes, restaurants and resort styled options, not to mention the very popular Indian offering too.


Once you’ve experienced all of the activities above, what better way to relax than to enjoy a soak in one of the many hidden rock pools that dot the coast while watching the sun go down, or just head to one of the happy hour bars on the coast for a cocktail.


The lack of commercialised tours and motorised activity offered on the island, water or sea makes it a very unique place and gives their tourism ethos of being ‘Nowhere like us’ real truth when compared with some other Pacific island offerings. There is a quality to Niue that is hard to define but impossible to forget. Take the time to delve beyond its rugged exterior to find the true beauty of this island.

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