Gold medallist Carissa Moore adds her weight to the Teahupoo cause


In the wake of the Teahupoo reef’s destruction for the construction of a sleek new aluminum judging tower, the response from Olympians has been somewhat subdued. However, reigning gold medallist Carissa Moore has broken the silence, joining the escalating chorus calling for either a boycott of the games or an immediate halt to the construction.

instagram clips re the damage done to the reef and call for boycott

instagram clips re the damage done to the reef and call for boycott

Renowned surf photographer Tom Servais echoed Moore’s sentiment with a straightforward message:

“Bullish#*! Stop this. Surfers, take a stand and boycott the event! Choosing not to boycott makes you complicit in the problem. Is a Gold Medal worth sacrificing our principles? Let’s prioritize respect for the locals and Teahupoo. It’s time to be strong and make the ethical choice.”


???? Save Teahupo’o Reef – Urgent Call to Action! ???? #SaveTeahupoo

The Paris2024 and authorities reckless actions are causing irreparable damage to Teahupo’o’s precious reef. This environmental catastrophe cannot be ignored! Supporters, it’s time to raise our voices louder. Share this post and demand immediate intervention from the authorities.

TAG THEM forcefully in the comments, insisting on accountability and ASK TO STOP IT NOW.

The survival of Teahupo’o is at stake. Act now to save our reef! ????‍♂️???? #SaveTeahupoo

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