orn out of a desire to showcase the strong, inspirational, adventurous women of the outdoor world, the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour presents a carefully curated selection of short films that will entertain, enthral and enlighten. 


Showcasing a 2 1/2 hours program of the most heartfelt, inspiring and entertaining films celebrating adventurous women from independent film makers around the globe.


Featuring a unique selection of films of varying lengths and styles, covering topics relevant to women in the outdoors the Gutsy Girls Adventure Film Tour will connect with both the avid adventurer and the armchair adventurer alike.


The 2019 tour showcases big wave surfing champion Paige Alms, rock climber Hazel Findlay, Samantha Gash on her quest to run across India, a committed paddler who doesn’t let size get in the way of her passions, a crew exploring the snow and surf of Norway and more.


By celebrating the female adventurous spirit, we aim to make women in the outdoors more visible.  But Gutsy Girls screenings are not just for women – they are for all of us to celebrate diversity and inclusion and the rad ladies of the adventure world.


Get your tickets before they sell out!

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