Hawks Bay adventure Race

There is a new event joining the adventure calendar and there is a lot of excitement about it. Hawke’s Bay Adventure Race as its name suggests is being raced in Hawke’s Bay. The event is an authentic adventure race, which will take you in teams of 2 or 4, mixed or single gender, across a picturesque course. The course will include core disciplines consisting of mountain biking, walking/running, rope skills and navigation. There will also be other surprise activities along the way. Teams are being told to prepare for a super fun day out where they will collect as many points as possible in the 6 hours. Youth teams are to be teams of 4 and is limited to 20 Youth teams.

The event is coordinated by David Tait who has developed and coordinated many adventure events over the last decade or so including the GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race, The Mad Magpie, The Cape Challenge, The Triple Peaks Challenge and the Peak Howler. The event is under the umbrella of David and Tanya’s Event and Education Company 3 Peaks ‘Events, Education and other Epic Stuff’.

This new event fills a gap left by the absence of the Bay Urban Adventure Race and the Snow and Wilkins 6 Hour Adventure Race. “people have been asking me for a really long time to organize an open race and I finally decided to do it” Mr Tait said. It was after this year’s GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race which was also the official New Zealand Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Championships that David and his team committed to making the event a reality. We decided that 14 of July was a great time to hold it as it is two weeks after entries open for the GODZone so we suspect there will be teams there to get some bonding and it the school holidays so people living outside Hawke’s Bay can travel with the family.

The event management team believe there will be a lot of teams visiting Hawke’s Bay to be part of the event. To help those teams there is a 2nd registration on the Saturday morning as many will be travelling Friday evening. Having organized thirteen GO-4-12 events since 2006, with most of them being held in Hawke’s Bay, Tait knows that Hawke’s Bay is an underrated Adventure Playground and has a great course planned. “We will have over a dozen activities for teams to take on and we will unapologetically focus on the fun element of the event and have some great activities planned,” Tait said. If the GO-4-12 is a good measure of the variety in the event, teams will have copious amounts of fun. There are too many activities to list, but over the years GO-4-12 competitors have built rock cairns, lit fires, drafted sheep, caved, climbed, abseiled, painted plates, carried eggs, ridden crazy bikes, solved puzzles and the list goes on.


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