How tourism operators can create additional revenue

As a tourism operator for a smaller company, you aren’t just a cog in the machine working the 9-5 grind. Instead, you’re the lifeblood of the business. You may even be the owner. If money is tight, you have probably tried to figure out ways that you could bring in extra money to your tourism business.
One idea for a revenue stream for a tourism operator is to sell vacation videos and photographs to customers.
In the past, the infrastructure hasn’t necessarily been available to smaller tourism operators. Setting up your own website to sell photographs and videos can be costly and time consuming, and small tourism operators often don’t have huge marketing budgets to dedicate to a photographic sales website. Now, thanks to a new platform, you can overcome this frustrating obstacle and start making some extra money without blowing your budget or overloading your schedule.
Read below to find out more about this new platform and how you can increase the income of your tourism business!
Why photography and videography are crucial for tourism operators
Photography, videography, and the tourism industry go hand-in-hand. Almost everyone takes photos and videos of their vacations, but most people are not professional photographers. Providing photo and video content as a service meets an important need for your customers.
Integrating pictures and videos into your everyday operations wouldn’t take much of an investment of your time or your money.
If you’re worried about the cost, there are plenty of hobbyist photographers who are passionate, skilled, and won’t charge a huge fee. That guarantees one heck of a return! What’s more, is that the photos and videos can both be sold to your customers and be used as marketing collateral on your social media accounts and on Trip Advisor. It’s important to note that visuals are integral to any advertising efforts since people remember text paired with an image better than text without an image.
With all of that in mind, we must ask, why weren’t you doing this already?
Okay, you probably have mulled this proposition over a lot already. But you aren’t a multi-million-dollar business with the resources and platforms to add photographs and videos to your list of products and services.
Thankfully, there’s now a solution to this industry-wide problem!
MyPhotoSnap allows tourism operators to sell photos and videos easily
Finally, there’s a platform where smaller tourism operations can start selling photos and videos to their customers. It’s called MyPhotoSnap!
First and foremost, signing up to MyPhotoSnap is free. They only charge commission once the photo is sold.
The process is also simple; all you need to do is register, set a price between $10 to $99 for the photos/videos, and then upload. MyPhotoSnap not only links directly to your own website, but to social media and TripAdvisor. Therefore, you can boost your marketing and SEO efforts through our platform.
From there, your customers can search for the photos/videos from their trip, purchase, download, or have them linked through an email. MyPhotoSnap will automatically pay you your set sales price (minus the credit card fees and the commission).
There is a ton of money just waiting to be made through tourism photos and videos, and bigger tourism operators shouldn’t be the only ones getting a piece of the pie. Many travelers try to take their own photos of their adventures, but cell phone selfies don’t always capture a trip very well. Even without a large budget like the big companies, you can provide your customers with the additional service of having photos and videos available.
MyPhotoSnap takes your business to the next level
A low-hassle revenue stream might seem like a pipedream – particularly to a small tourism operator without a lot of disposable resources. Thankfully, it’s 2019 and there are affordable online tools just waiting to be leveraged by a wealth of businesses, no matter their size.
MyPhotoSnap is one of those tools.
Travelers love photos that memorialize their adventures. People want to share images of their dream vacations with friends, family, and their entire social networks. MyPhotoSnap provides a platform where you can give your customers exactly what they want – professional-quality media content that captures their travels – while also giving your tourism business a boost in revenue and marketing. Your business is virtually guaranteed to reach new heights by using the MyPhotoSnap platform to sell those photos and videos to your customers.

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