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Sometimes it’s the small things in nature like the scarce blue Entoloma fungus, the amazing Shaggy Inkcap, birds nest fungi or fungi that glow in the dark that really captivate us. Imagine if you could grow some of these fungi at home and that they were edible. Some of the first oyster mushrooms for sale in NZ shops in the early 1990’s started out life growing on cabbage trees. Spores were collected and ways to grow them developed so we could all enjoy making interesting meals with a fungal surprise.

Now a days there are quite a few growers supplying farmer’s markets, chefs, and retail outlets with fungi grown on New Zealand’s vast supply of raw materials A few of the bigger companies import the growing logs from China where the mushrooms are grown almost to fruiting then shipped out to be picked in NZ.

Mushrooms grown and sourced locally have a light carbon footprint and are grown from trees, water and air that we treasure.

Growing and eating fungi is a tasty, healthful and interesting pastime that can done in a very small area without the smells and problems often associated with mushroom composting.


Some people are content with a few oyster mushrooms a week, others expand their hobby and integrate mushroom growing with their garden rotation with all the bi-products making such a healthy soil that plants are even grown through winter.

Vitamin D can be made at home from mushrooms and sunlight and a wide range of nutraceutical benefits are there for the taking or creating by combining mushrooms with special sawdust blends.

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