Intrepid Travel has released its latest range of expeditions

Intrepid Travel has released its latest range of expeditions which cater to the most adventurous traveler looking for the ultimate off-the-beaten-track trip in the most far-flung destination, or a different take on an old favorite

With 17 new trips added, Intrepid Travel’s Expedition range has grown 167% this year, and the latest itineraries are paving the way for a new era of expedition travel. 

 “At Intrepid, we’re redefining “expeditions” and opening up this exciting area of travel to more people. Our latest range of expeditions are helping to debunk the myths associated with traditional expeditions and what a modern-day explorer looks like. An Intrepid expeditioner doesn’t need Bear Grylls’ physicality, the modern-day expeditioner simply needs a lust for adventure and discovery,” Intrepid Travel APAC regional director Brett Mitchell said.


An analysis of Intrepid’s current expedition tours shows that today’s quintessential expedition er is a female (79 per cent) solo traveler (64 per cent) aged in her 60s (23 per cent). This data also prompted Intrepid to release a new series of Women’s Expeditions on International Women’s Day this year.  

Among the new expeditions on offer are trips to West Papua, the far west of Mongolia and the outlying islands of the Solomon.

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