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Introducing Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds. HIGH-ALTITUDE AUDIO From first tracks in January to single tracks in July, Vert lets you take wireless tunes on any trail with a unique clip-anywhere dial, glove-friendly controls, and stay-aware earbuds. MADE FOR ADVENTURE Helmet audio solutions only work with helmets. Vert works with anything. The clip-on Bluetooth dial easily attaches to goggle straps, backpacks, hydration systems, and jacket collars so you can use it on any trail, all year round. No other product is designed for as many outdoor activities. A HIGHER LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS Vert’s stay-aware earbud design is completely unique. It allows you to hear more of your environment without compromising comfort or sound quality. You can enjoy your rides more when there’s less chance of being surprised by avalanches, wildlife, traffic, and other riders. EASY TO USE, ESPECIALLY WITH GLOVES Traditional earbud controls are made for bare hands. Vert’s extra-large button and dial are designed to be used with any style glove or mitten. So now your hands stay warm or protected while you stay in motion. HARD TO LOSE (THANKS TO TILE) Keeping track of all your other gear is challenging enough. So we added a built-in Tile® tracker to help you find your Vert if you ever leave it behind. HOURS OF POWER The battery lasts 10 hours at -20° so it’ll never expire before your lift ticket. And in warmer temps, a full charge can last several more hours


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