Is kiteboarding for everyone?

There is no debate that kiteboarding is an eye-catching, extreme sport that looks awesome and is extremely addictive once learned. It is a sport that has wakeboarding, surfing, paragliding aspects where the rider must master kite flying and board skills. As challenging as it may sound or appear in person; in practice, it is manageable and someone with zero experience could learn in just a few days with an IKO certified Instructor.

Contrary to what you may think; you do not need to be sporty to learn to kiteboard and you are never too old to learn. It is important to be prepared before kiteboarding because this can be a dangerous sport, but it can be the safest and most fun sport there is if learned right. This brings up a crucial point…..


We cannot stress this enough; take proper kiteboarding lessons! It is super important to find a kite center or Instructor that is IKO certified. Being taught by a professional will not only ensure you learn the fundamentals of kiteboarding though it will ensure you safely learn the sport.


When picking which spots to learn, we have a few recommendations. First off, you should take professional lessons. This will guarantee that your Instructor can solely focus on you, and train you according to your needs. On top of that, you will want to find a spot that has flat – shallow/waist deep – warm waters with consistent winds and is obstacle free. Once you have picked a spot and found a certified kite center and Instructor in that area make sure you have 3-4 days to focus on the course.


The learning curve is notably quicker than windsurfing and surfing. It will roughly take you 8-12 hours spread between 3-5 days to learn the overall basics. A few more days of intensive practice and you could be doing transitions, jumping, or catching waves with a directional surfboard. So if you want to not only learn kiteboarding but to advance further, plan a 7-14 day kiteboarding trip.


Find a spot you want to go, book your lessons with a certified kiteboarding center, prepare your mind by watching YouTube videos , prepare your body by being well rested and embark yourself on an adventure of a lifetime. Kiteboarding is a sport that will have a huge impact on your life and pay huge dividends in every way possible.


IKO School in NZ:

Airzone Kitesurf School NZ



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