Justine Dupont at Cortes Bank – Ride of the Year and Biggest Wave Winner – Big Wave Challenge 2023


In the world of big wave surfing, Justine Dupont, a remarkable female surfer hailing from Lacanau, France, has made waves both literally and metaphorically. Her incredible feats have been featured numerous times in the renowned Adventure magazine. A defining moment in her career occurred on January 13, 2023, during the filming of the third season of HBO’s documentary series, 100 Foot Wave, when she conquered a colossal wave at Cortes Bank.

This extraordinary achievement earned her not one, but two prestigious awards: the coveted Women’s Ride of the Year and the Biggest Wave Awards. Justine’s fearless prowess and unmatched skill in tackling the immense forces of nature showcased her as a true trailblazer in the world of big wave surfing. Her remarkable accomplishment at Cortes Bank not only solidified her status as a surfing icon but also served as an inspiration to women surfers worldwide, proving that the ocean’s most formidable challenges are conquerable by anyone with determination and skill.

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