Karioi Update


Last night Patagonia held an online premiere of our short film ‘Karioi’. We have now listed the film free-to-view and enabled an embeddable link in case you wanted to share it with your community. Featuring dedicated environmentalists, stunning New Zealand scenery, ‘Karioi’ shows the significant impact a group of passionate locals can make.

Narrated by New-Zealand born surfer and Patagonia activist Dave Rastovich, ‘Karioi’ tells the story of a community as they work to save the oi, restore the maunga of Karioi mountain, and in the process create strong, vibrant connections to the land and sea around them.

“Seabirds have been calling Raglan home for thousands of years, but right now they are actually struggling to find safe burrow spaces away from introduced species and predators. This amazing grass-roots group is working to look out for the future of these birds, which is also so deeply linked to the future of this place and the people that call it home,” – Dave Rastovich.

“We’re excited to be sharing our story with the rest of the world, as a way to highlight the urgent need for local community action to protect biodiversity to maintain the worlds ecological processes. We hope our short film will encourage more people to do the same.” – Kristel van Houte, The Karioi Project.

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