Kathmandu recommits to Coast to Coast

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“We have been designing and testing outdoor gear in Canterbury since 1987, so it is great to support a race in our home region. As a Brand we want to inspire and enable adventure for everyone and this race, the Kathmandu Coast to Coast, is a perfect opportunity for people to challenge themselves, get outdoors an adventure,” he added.

Race Director Glen Currie says he couldn’t be more delighted with the partnership, which will allow the event to continue to grow whilst maintaining its commitment to sustainability and dedication to the environment. “We’re outdoor enthusiasts and so are Kathmandu, our values meet on so many levels and to continue to have Kathmandu’s backing is really exciting.”

“Kathmandu has been a major supporter of our growth strategy since joining the Coast to Coast in 2016, not only have our entries increased but the demographic of competitors has also broadened, which we think will be key to our long-term sustainability,” Currie went on to say.

Kathmandu’s backing assists the event in terms of operations but also has a far greater reach than just the running of the event, the Kathmandu Academy was established which assists with the opportunity for school students to participate in the event, Kathmandu provide equipment, training support from Coast to Coast legend Steve Gurney and other resources to allow secondary school students the opportunity to tackle the event. Christchurch’s St Thomas’s of Canterbury and Linwood High School were the inaugural recipients, while Porirua’s Aotea College, who enlisted the help of the Prime Minister for their application, were the winners in 2019.

Kathmandu have also been major supporters of the Coast to Coast rangers programme, a programme established to assist with supporting secondary school students from the former Aranui High School and Linwood High school to compete in the Kathmandu Coast to Coast. Being a truly international brand has meant that Kathmandu has been able to broaden the appeal to athletes worldwide as well as other well-known adventurers such as the remarkable Australian trail runner Turia Pitt, multisporter Courtney Atkinson as well as Samantha Gash and British adventurer Anna McNuff.

Kathmandu has also been a major driver of the Coast to Coast being the only official partner of Leave no Trace. It’s programme and principles promote an initiative to minimise the environmental impact on nature and the outdoors, and the Coast to Coast are proud to have an 85% diversion of waste to recycling as a result of this commitment.

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