Kiwi -Finn Bilous wins Best Style at Nine Knights in Crans-Montana

Japanese teenager lands world first trick in Crans-Montana.

Sixteen-year-old Japanese snowboarder Hiroto Ogiwara landed the world’s first backside 2160 to cap off a breathtaking week of freestyle ski and snowboard action in Crans-Montana, Switzerland at The Nines progression session. Here is all you need to know:

– Crans-Montana was the location for the 30th edition of the action sports series The Nines and the newly-designed course quickly became a breeding ground for world-first trickery, massive sends and viral moments.

Tess Ledeux performs at the Red Bull Performance Camp in Saas Fee, Switzerland on 24 September, 2021. // Lorenz Richard / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202110250486 // Usage for editorial use only //

– This year’s edition included a massive big-air jump with additional bowl features, a mushroom-shaped obstacle called “The Sphere” and an innovative “Downward Spiral” inspired by skateboarding.

– Ogiwara’s historic trick was one of many memorable moments with the Ushiku native heading to the mountain on Wednesday April 6 planning to try a backside 1800, a trick he had struggled to land the day before.

– He revealed: “After my first hit, I thought the jump was perfect and I could go for the 1800. When I landed the 18, I realised I still had some time left over, so I thought, ‘Maybe I can go for it (the 2160)’.”

– After five tries, Ogiwara landed the backside 2160. He added: “On the last try, the take off felt so good and everything in the air was right, so I knew I had it. The instant I landed it, I was kind of shocked and wasn’t sure if I’d actually done it. I watched the video and was stoked and surprised to see that I had actually spun six full rotations!”

Venue shot during The Nines in Crans-Montana, Switzerland in 2022. // The Nines / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202204040331 // Usage for editorial use only //

– Elsewhere in snowboarding, Japanese rider Reira Iwabuchi joined her compatriot Ogiwara in the world first club with her own historic trick, a frontside triple 1260, while Olympic Big Air gold medallist Birk Ruud of Norway swapped his skis for a snowboard to land a backside triple 1440.

– In the freeskiing, stylish female riders such as Lara Wolf (AUT) and Kirsty Muir (GBR) set the tone for the week, while a new generation of outstanding men including Max Moffatt (CAN), Mac Forehand (USA) and Finn Bilous (NZL) soared to new heights.

Fabian Boesch competes during Men’s Ski Slopestyle at Toyota US Grand Prix in Mammoth Mountain, California, USA on 09 January 2022. // Christian Pondella / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202201100090 // Usage for editorial use only //

– The event concluded with a Gala Night where the top performers were honoured by their peers in Best Trick, Best Style and Ruler Of The Week as the likes of American Luke Winkelmann, Australian Valentino Guseli, Swede Jesper Tjäder and 15-year-old Briton Mia Brookes starred.

Matěj Švancer performs at The Nines in Crans-Montana, Switzerland in 2022. // The Nines / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202204040333 // Usage for editorial use only //

– Moffatt, 23, said: “I’ve been looking up to this event since I was a kid. To finally be able to come out here this year was super epic. It’s so nice to get back to the roots of skiing and snowboarding with friends.”

– Wolf, 22, said: “I never thought that I would win two categories, especially not Best Style or Best Trick. Riding with the girls in this incredible park is just indescribable.”

– Brookes said: “I landed my first 1260, which I was pretty hyped about. That was probably my favourite part of the week.”

– Event founder Nico Zacek enthused: “Each year I think that we can’t possibly push things any further and each year the riders prove me wrong. I’m continually in awe of what these athletes bring to the table and glad that our event is able to help them push the sport to new levels.”

Riders Awards – The Nines 2022

Snowboard Women
Best Trick: Reira Iwabuchi (JPN), Front Triple 1260
Best Style: Mia Brookes (GBR)
Ruler Of The Week: Mia Brookes (GBR)

Snowboard Men
Best Trick: Hiroto Ogiwara (JPN), Backside 2160 Indy Tailbone
Best Style: Luke Winkelmann (USA)
Ruler Of The Week: Valentino Guseli (AUS)

Ski Women
Best Trick: Lara Wolf (AUT), Misty 540 mute
Best Style: Lara Wolf (AUT)
Ruler Of The Week: Megan Oldham (CAN)

Ski Men
Best Trick: Jesper Tjäder (SWE), Cork 540 to transition to switch backflip
Best Style: Max Moffatt (CAN) & Finn Bilous (NZL)
Ruler Of The Week: Max Moffatt (CAN)

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