Lahaina Fire – Zane and Matt Schweitzer Helping out


Tragically, Lahaina succumbed to the fierce wildfires that have relentlessly swept across the Western shores of the island in recent times. The toll on human lives currently at 115 has been profound, yet the solidarity of the community has shone brilliantly as they rally to aid those who are most vulnerable in these dire times. At the heart of this collective endeavor stand Zane and Matt Schweitzer, joined by Kai Lenny, and a cohort of dedicated surfers.

Update Maui County police

“For now, the number of confirmed dead stands at 115, a number the county said is expected to rise. The FBI and Maui County police are still trying to figure out how many others might be unaccounted for. The FBI said on Tuesday there were 1000 to 1100 names on a tentative, unconfirmed list”.

Zane and Matty long time associates of Adventure magazine are at the very heart of the local support, here is what they had to say.


Zane Schweitzer, a maestro of the great waves, a SUP , an accomplished windsurfer, andfoiling. Matt Schweitzer directs a flourishing production entity, Island Eye Productions.

Both Matt and Zane boast a lineage tracing back three generations on Maui, they have harnessed their profile  to cast a spotlight on the devastation that has befallen and orchestrate recovery initiatives amid the most daunting of circumstances. In a recent interview with NBC, the siblings shared insights into the horrow state of affairs on the island, shedding light on the local valiant efforts.

Clip from Ian Walsh Instagram


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