Lane and Sean – need your help



Close to four decades ago, I crossed paths with Sean Davey, a remarkable surf photographer who stands among the best in the world. Since that initial meeting, we have become friends, and he has been in the magazine many times. Since the beginning, we have shared countless adventures and collaborated closely. Sean, known for his willingness to lend a helping hand, is now in a situation where he could use support.

His wife, Lane, herself a trailblazer in women’s surfing, has recently been dealt a challenging blow with a cancer diagnosis. Lane, who has led a vibrant and active lifestyle is facing a harrowing journey ahead. As we come together to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family, let us take a moment to extend our support to someone who truly needs it.

Lane’s story and how you can contribute are available on her ‘GoFundMe’ page. Whether it’s a small gesture or a more substantial contribution, every bit makes a difference, and your generosity could mean ‘literally’ the world to Sean and Lane.

This link will take yoiu directly to where you can help


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