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Making the Most Out of Your Trip Around New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. It’s widely regarded as the birthplace of adventure tourism and offers a broad scope of experiences to cater to all types of travellers.

It’s also one of the world’s most beautiful and must-see travel destinations, boasting stunning beaches and rainforests on the North Island and monumental frozen glaciers and rugged mountain ranges on the South Island.

To ensure you get the most out of your trip to New Zealand, here are several useful tips everyone should know about.


Important travel tips for anyone planning on visiting New Zealand

There’s so much to see and do in New Zealand, so the best thing is to avoid cramming everything into one trip. It’s impossible to squeeze everything in, so don’t try.

Instead, make a list of things you want to experience during your stay and focus on only a handful of them because it will be less overwhelming trying to achieve all your travel goals, and you will be less stressed. You can swim, climb, bike, hike, surf and explore. Make sure to see as much as you can, but you’ll never see it all.

Here are several top tips everyone who is planning a trip to New Zealand should try to remember:

        Plan your trip according to the season, and don’t forget that New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, so the seasons are reversed. Research the areas you intend to visit and decide whether you want to go while it’s winter or summer

        Look into accommodation and car or campervan rental before going, and then only book through reputable sources. Also, try to learn more about any other local transport options that you may need during your stay, such as domestic flight options, public transport, and guided tours

        Consider the type of holiday you want. For example, do you want an outdoor adventure, such as hiking, cycling, or exploring the amazing natural scenery, or would you rather stick to the cities and have more of an urban experience?

        Take plenty of protection from the elements, such as sunscreen, the right kind of clothing, and bug spray, to name a few

        Be respectful of the environment, and be prepared for earthquakes

If you plan on visiting the cities for their vibrant nightlife, New Zealand has it all. From gigs to clubs, from bars to pubs. Some of the most popular places to visit for a thrilling evening are Pomeroy’s pub in Christchurch, Infinity nightclub in Auckland, and land-based casinos, such as Sky City in Auckland, and Christchurch Casino.

The country also has online casinos. It’s a well-established global industry but one that remains all about growth, and its presence in New Zealand follows that trend too. The top five sites to visit from a smartphone, according to the expert Ramona Depares, are Jackpot City Casino, Spin Casino, Bet and Play, Lucky Spins, and Just Casino.

Remember to be respectful of the people and the environment

Everyone who lives in New Zealand or travels here is expected to respect both the environment and the people. The ‘Tiaki Promise’ is a commitment to look after New Zealand.

Travellers are expected to do as much as possible to respect the land, sea, and natural wildlife. By following the Tiaki Promise, you promise to care for New Zealand as best you can.

The five golden rules are the following:

  1. Protect Nature
  2. Show Respect
  3. Drive Carefully
  4. Be Prepared
  5. Keep NZ Clean

Simple things like keeping your boots clean at stations after hiking, never leaving your trash behind, and looking after delicate vegetation and ecosystems go a long way in protecting and preserving New Zealand’s conservation efforts.


What other important things should every traveller be aware of before travelling to New Zealand?

Most travellers will be taking their smartphones, tablets or laptops, which will need plugging in at some point, so make sure you have the correct plug adapter or voltage converter/transformer.

Unlike some travel destinations where drinking tap water is unsafe, drinking tap water in New Zealand is perfectly fine.

Also, some travel destinations are known for being extremely cheap. Unfortunately, New Zealand isn’t one of those countries, so be prepared to pay a little extra for most things than you would normally pay back home. Sales tax is called GST and is already included in the sticker price.


Always take your ID with you, keep it safe, and don’t forget that the emergency number in New Zealand is 111 for police, fire and ambulance, and 105 for police non-emergencies.

The currency used here is New Zealand dollars, and if you need to change money during your stay, don’t forget that the airport exchange rates are typically more expensive than in the cities.

Final note

Before visiting, make sure you find the exact Visa requirements based on your country of origin, and always book a return ticket. You may have to declare certain items at the airport, so be prepared for this, and don’t take unnecessary items that could get you into trouble.

The most important thing to remember is to plan your trip well in advance and try not to cram too many things into your stay. Finally, have fun and try to make memories that will last a lifetime.


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