Matahi Drollet – speaks out about the Olympics, the Tower and the effect on the Teahupo’o community

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We have been covering the placement of the Tower for the Olympics in Tahiti
What has seemed odd is that many of the very well-known surfers and local personalities have been obvious by their absence. The small changes the French Government and Olympic committee made to the tower placement and surrounding land – have simply been seen as insufficient. Plus accusation of potential violence against officials in this peace-loving community is offensive. To the surfing community, Matahi Drollet needs no introduction. This is his heartfelt plea to re visit the issue for the longevity of the reef and surrounding ocean.

‘I’m sorry if I look all tired, i’ve been super sick ???? the last 4 days but I had to do this video to keep you guys updated about the situation with the new aluminum tower and some things we saw in the media. As you guys probably already know the olympics and the government took the decision to build the new Aluminum tower with 12 new foundations. We are not satisfied with this decision and did everything we could to change that. They did some little modifications on the project but at the end, after dozens of meeting, hundreds hours of work and investigations it feels like we’re just back at the starting point.

This is sad and unfair because once again nature will lose another battle. ???? THANK YOU for signing the petition and helping us spread the word’.

We are very grateful for all the help from everyone. @saveteahupoo @vaiaraoteahupoo @coralgardeners




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