MERGE4 knows that not only must socks look cool, sock construction must endure the punishment of action-people and charismaticans, making them comfortable while looking particularly above-average and miles ahead of the cool curve with a list of artists deeper than Lake Tahoe.

Beyond magnificent in appearance, style and comfort, the MERGE4 socks for the feets are constructed like no other. Your soles are GRIPPED by our deviously interesting ‘CULT-WEAVE’. MERGE4’s ‘CULT-WEAVE’ cushions what is sometimes called the ‘arch’ area. YES, you heard correctly; MERGE4 “GRIPS YOUR SOLE”.

MERGE4 put together by industry legends Rob Roskopp, Cindi Busenheart and Keith Meek,

are keeping it core with collabs with industry legends like Steve Caballero, Eric Dressen, legendary surf Photographer Dave ‘Nelly’ Nelson, Koa Rothman, Nathan Fletcher and the famous Jay Moriarty Surfer Magazine cover at Maverics.

Check out MERGE4 NZ on Facebook and Instagram for the NZ range and stockists.


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