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Naturally happiness is only real when shared.

My adventures started when I was a young girl exploring the forests and beaches growing up in the land of the long white cloud –  New Zealand .

Growing up in a small country you can’t help but have the urge to see what is on the other side , for me that was across the ditch to Australia . I met my boyfriend Jordan Whitcombe who grew up in both coastal Perth and the outback of Western Australia in a small town of only 200 people, ‘Beacon’.

For us the sense of adventure is to share our experiences in each other’s countries . We decided to pack up our jobs and travel around Australia in a van that we renovated to be our home on wheels . People would state , “that’s what you do when you are retired ” we couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than to see every nook of what these outstanding countries have to offer.

You just can’t get that same experience flying place to place.

We are now living in a world which often feels like everything is in fast forward, getting in the van allows you to put the brakes on when needed , having more control, freedom and the ability to really S L O W things down . Take time to realise what matters the most – this earth and the connections we make.

Naturally happiness is only real when shared.

With van life this can be achieved even if you are travelling on your own. It is truely heartwarming to bump into all different types of people on your journey and I often feel I learn the most valuable life lessons listening to others experiences.

As the firelight would dance deep into the nights, so would the stories from all the incredible people we would meet.

Friendly locals will always provide you with deep information, you start to understand what makes every place special and see more than what lies beyond the surface. I have learnt every place has its own story.

As social as we both are there are also times where we prefer to enjoy the company of  just each other –

sometimes you can have this overwhelming feeling that you are the only two people that exist on earth, its pretty incredible.

You may think being in a van will test your relationship but when you have so much to explore, theres a lot of places you can go to cool off or have some own time. We often take the hammock with us, and set up little day area outside the van.

I like to often research places before I arrive at my destination, you may not have to worry about being at work, but you do have to take into consideration where your next food stop, powered site, and service stations are. When budgeting for a long term trip the biggest point to keep in mind is the cost of petrol.

Being behind the wheel means you can take whichever route YOU want to, honestly we have found incredible places by researching but also have stumbled across our favourite spots as they were unexpected little treasures.

You can have a choice to completely go out bush or spend some time in a powered site where you have a sense of community . There are now extremely handy apps you can download that will give you the options you desire.

Waking up to the sound of kookaburras rather than an alarm, makes you want to jump out of bed and go explore all the diverse wildlife and scenery .

On our adventures we love to include waterfalls, mountain hikes, rainforests and dive trips to further explore not only land but the big blue.

Since travelling in the van we have come across the most amazing encounters with animals in their natural habitats such a crocodiles, surfing with dolphins, night dives with sharks, beach strolls with bioluminescent plankton.There was one time when we were at a campsite in Karinjini and I wasn’t really thinking, I mentioned to Jordan “You’ll be happy to see someone has turned up with their dog” he asked what colour it was and i replied “sandy”. Thats when we realised there was a dingo strolling straight past our van.

We are now lucky to have our own dog Chet who loves the van life just as much as we do. We are endeavouring to find out the best ways to include our furry friend on our travels as there are often restricted areas for dogs.

Having the ability to have a million dollar view as your backyard and change your home is something you just can’t buy. For us home is where the heart is, travelling with each other , our border collie Chet in our van .

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