Oakley, a brand with a deep-rooted heritage of innovation and performance in sports,  has launched a special edition eyewear collection, Harmony Fade. Developed to  celebrate the journey and commitment that athletes make to reach the world stage of  competition, Harmony Fade honours the path of greatness, while inspiring athletes of all levels to chase the journey of possibility.

All pieces in this unique collection are united by their colour scheme inspired by Oakley Prizm™ lens technology. The collection features orange to represent the fire that burns  inside each and every competitor, and yellow for the sun that lights the path of athletes  brave enough to pursue their dreams.

Harmony Fade will be available in Oakley retail stores, selected retailers and online at

P R I Z M L E N S T E C H N O L O G Y :

The Harmony Fade Collection is available with Oakley Prizm™ , a  revolutionary lens technology, grounded in decades  of research, that enhances details for an optimized viewing experience. Prizm™ lenses make everything vivid and  vibrant, revealing nuances usually missed by the naked eye, simply making the world appear visibly enhanced

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