“Plant Power to Rock the GodZone”

Endurance racing doesn’t come much tougher than the GodZone. This 7 day 4 person team expedition race traverses over 500 km of challenging terrain with disciplines including trekking, rafting and mountain-biking.  For the first time in eight years the race is being hosted in Canterbury with the headquarters in Akaroa. The start will be from a secret location on Sunday 10th March.


This year’s race features a team with a story to capture wide public interest. For the first time an elite team is racing entirely fuelled by plants. With many years experience, the athletes in the Canterbury and Nelson based Nutrient Rescue team will show that high performance plant-based racing is a viable option. They want to encourage the wider community to be more mindful about the harmful effects of animal food sources and consider exciting plant-based alternatives. Many of these options will be consumed during the race for peak performance.


Team spokesperson Marty Lukes says “with climate change, water quality, animal well-being and human nutritional health often being hot topics we’re proud to help keep that conversation going with some everyday solutions. Many elite athletes race on a well balanced plant diet and we’re so excited to show a team can do this at GodZone. Hopefully the wider public will reflect on their own choices and consider new options”


Expect to see freeze-dried curries, bean filled wraps, pea and rice protein shakes and classic scroggin type snacks. “There will be a surprising variety of food choices. We hope to not get too distracted by our smorgasbord; as racing hard is our main team goal. With food sources like blackcurrants, green vege powders and hemp seed adding to our nutritional firepower we may even finish GodZone looking photogenic rather than the bedraggled look we usually do!”

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