Pros and cons of extreme sports

Like any other activity, extreme sports are not devoid of their advantages and disadvantages.

I’m a rock climber myself and for quite some time I feel that this type of sports activity has a lot of pros, but also a few cons. Let’s figure out what disadvantages you have to face and what positive action you can feel in extreme sports activities.

Pros of extreme sports

Now almost everyone goes to some kind of sports section, and every person, locksmith or director, strives for self-realization and self-improvement. As for me, this is a great trend in society, which is reflected in the popularity of extreme sports.

And here are the main benefits of extreme sports, whether it’s mountain climbing or jumping on the Pogo Stick.

Physical development. Any extreme sport requires you to be in great physical shape. And if you don’t have it, then intense exercise will quickly force you to start building your own body. Of course, depending on the direction of training, different muscle groups will receive different loads, but, in general, the body will be provided with a share of activity. By the way, most adults lack physical development nowadays (thanks to quarantine and various “sitting” jobs).

Psycho-emotional health. While playing sports, you will get rid of negativity, and if you find yourself in pleasant, cheerful company, you will receive a constant charge of positive emotions. Agree that all problems recede when you rush in a zorb ball at high speed from a slope or hang on a high rock, afraid to move so as not to lose balance. Speaking of balance. You will learn to feel your own body much better.

Constant change. This is not monotonous, cyclically repeated fitness, new emotions are always waiting for you here. New tracks, new people, new locations, and, of course, adventures.

New achievements. The accomplishments that you manage to achieve in this completely new and unknown direction are truly inspiring. You recently learned to stand on a snowboard, and just a year later you are already skiing in the mountains somewhere on the other side of the world. And that’s great. Even insignificant improvements, plus pumping skills, which are added after each workout, bring joy.

Confidence in your strength. The bar of one’s capabilities rises much higher than the usual level. You will know for sure that practically nothing is impossible: it is enough just to make effort and the result will not take long. This confidence carries over from sports to everyday life.

Addictive. If usually, the same sloth person like me needed to force himself to go to training, then extreme sports will push you to improve yourself, that’s just my “thing”, I love it. You experience emotions that can be compared to gambling games with fear to lose and celebration of the win. The triumph wins. And you want to experience these emotions over and over again.

Outdoor activity. Many extreme sports include trips to natural terrain or spending time in nature. This is a huge plus for those who sit in a stuffy city.

Those who practice extreme sports generally have excellent health. The cardiovascular and respiratory system is especially strongly tempered. But the advantages listed above do not negate the presence of certain disadvantages.

Cons of extreme sports

Injuries are commonplace. Each sport has its own “risk zones”. Someone constantly stretches their muscles, and someone scratches their knees on the asphalt. Serious injuries are also common. However, in extreme sports, you learn to ignore pain. So, this is kind of a plus and a minus at the same time.

Time. Classes are time-consuming, though, like any other hobby. If you don’t plan anything special in sports, but just do it for yourself, then 2-3 lessons per week will be enough. But if you want to participate in some, albeit amateur, competitions, then you will have to do four or more times.

Heavy loads. At the initial stages of training, an unprepared body can actively resist. There are two options for the development of events: either continue training (if there is no health risk, of course), or abandon this venture.

Deadly danger. Most extreme sports are life-threatening. And this is proved by statistics. Base jumping is deservedly considered the most dangerous; about 1 out of 30 athletes die here.

The high cost of equipment. Here you won’t get by with a pair of sneakers and sweatpants: you will have to fork out for professional equipment and related products. And they are not cheap. But you can’t save here either: your life and safety will depend on this equipment.

Constant questions. Relatives, especially at first, will be very worried about your safety. And if you are also a girl, then there will be twice as many questions.

As you can see, there are also a lot of cons in extreme sports.

When deciding whether or not to engage in extreme sports, you need to weigh all the benefits and risks. Yes, you can get hurt, but if you follow all the precautions and do something that does not involve significant risks, you will be safe.

Remember that taking risks will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions. With them, you can decorate your grey everyday life and turn into a completely different, risky, and successful person.



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