Pure Power | The Rhondu Gorge of the Indus

In November Dane met up with the California boys to experience a river like no other, the Rhondu gorge of the Indus. Flowing 86 miles from the valley of Skardu, it has become a river even the top kayakers of the world wonder if they feel up to the challenge. It’s got insane power flowing down steep rapids, creating huge features, making every rapid a stout after the next. It’s a river so big that the first question people get asked when they just completed the Indus, is “how many portages did you do”? Many of the worlds best kayakers often portage, usually between the 5-8 realm. This trip saw the Cali boys portage only 4 times, as well as see Dane get the lowest number of portages ever done, down to 1, by completing the first descent of the infamous Malupa rapid. It was an experience none of them will be forgetting anytime soon, and it’s just one of the places that it’s hard to believe we get to experience with our kayaks.

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