Québec rider takes his skills back to the snow for a technical and challenging run.


Snowboard champion Sébastien Toutant – aka Seb Toots – set his sights on a new film project where he creates a one-of-a-kind obstacle course based on inspiration from his viral at-home parkour social media videos.

– In The Obstacle Course, Toutant takes his skills back to the snow for one of his most technical and challenging runs yet, all of which is built on the slopes of one of Quebec’s local ski mountains, Ski La Reserve in Saint-Donat.

– As his career continues to evolve, Seb Toots aims to show what he can do beyond the competitive arena. In this new edit, he brings his creative ideas to life and pushes himself to new limits by taking on a unique and ery ambitious obstacle course, ending with his signature move – a basketball shot from behind. The goal was not only to be able to achieve all 22 hits, but also film the run in one continuous take, from top to bottom, making this a real challenge.


– Toutant says: “I spent over 16 years competing, so that’s a very long time. I am trying to re-invent the sport and film more projects to show the world that I can do stuff other than just compete. Leaning on my creative side is how I always kept my passion for snowboarding. There are no bad or wrong ideas, you must think outside of the box and continue to push your limits to achieve great things”.

– From the location scout to the final shot, The Obstacle Course documents the process of Toutant taking his obstacle courses from his apartment to the slopes in his home province. With the assistance of Today’s Park, he watches as his hand-drawn sketches are built on the mountain and become a reality. One of the biggest challenges, apart from the weather conditions, was to adjust every part of the course so that they followed each other and ran smoothly together.

Seb Toots performing at Red Bull Obstacle Course in Saint-Donat, Canada on April 18, 2022. // Joseph Roby / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202211150056 // Usage for editorial use only //

– Combining elements of parkour, trick shots and slopestyle snowboarding, The Obstacle Course is created from a recipe of riding never seen before. The filming alone threw up its own set of unique challenges with the stress of capturing it all on the first take. The project captures unique moments of struggle and perseverance as Toutant unlocks each section of the course while building to his ultimate goal: one flawless take from top to bottom.

Watch Sébastien Toutant’s The Obstacle Course in full HERE.

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