Recent Megaswell Washes Up World War II Bomb

NEWS ???? 'Things ya find washed up on the beach'

The recent massive swell impacting the coastline of California not only generated impressive waves but also unveiled an unexploded ordnance on the shores of Pajaro Dunes, situated between Santa Cruz and Monterey. This discovery prompted a swift response from the bomb squad of the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s office.

On the eve of New Year’s, a report was made to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office regarding an unexploded ordnance found washed ashore at Pajaro Dunes. Responding to the call at approximately 2:20 p.m., the sheriff’s spokesperson, Ashley Keehn, informed USA Today that the bomb squad visually examined and x-rayed the object. Subsequently, they determined it to be a World War II-era Navy practice bomb, inert and devoid of explosives.

Keehn noted, “Every few years, instances of military ordnances appearing on our shores are observed. Sea flares are occasionally uncovered as well. The appearance of this ordnance underscores the impact of the high surf experienced in Santa Cruz County over the past week.”

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