Red Bull 400 Brings Speed, Endurance and Energy Back to Historic Ski Flying Hill

Ironwood, MI (May 12, 2018) – Thousands of local spectators descended upon Copper Peak today to watch the intense action of the Red Bull 400; the first international sports competition to be held at the iconic ski flying hill since 1994.

Red Bull 400, the steepest 400-meter race in the world, made its inaugural stop in Ironwood, attracting a huge crowd of passionate and enthusiastic local supporters. The sunny weather couldn’t have been better for the nearly vertical race that challenges participants’ speed, endurance, and guarantees to put calves, quads and cardio, to the ultimate test.

Over 450 local, regional and international competitors took part in the unique event, racing from the bottom of the hill’s lowest point to the 40-story-high peak of the largest artificial ski jump tower in the world.

The event proved hugely popular in its first year at Copper Peak selling out upon announcement in January, including race registrants from New Jersey to Alaska, and more than 700 runners added to the waiting list.

Ultimately, Ian Torchia from Marquette, Michigan (4:47.5) and local runner Anna Mooi from Ironwood, Michigan (7:15.3) claimed 1st place in the Men’s and Women’s Finals, respectively, stunning the field with victory in their heat and the final.

“I studied at Northern Michigan so the Upper Peninsula feels like home to me. I’ve always watched videos of Red Bull 400 and thought how intense the race is but wanted to compete, said Torchia. “It means a lot to come back and win here at the steepest, hardest run I’ve ever completed in my life.”

Women’s Champion and Ironwood local Mooi flew up Copper Peak at a blistering pace in both her runs to claim the adulation of the huge local crowd that stayed late into the afternoon to cheer her home.

“It was awesome to have an international event come to our town, for the exposure and to highlight the awesome recreational opportunities we have here in Ironwood,” said Mooi, a nutritionist at Aspirus Ironwood Hospital. “We had a lot of fun out there and I’m glad I was able to win.”

The 2018 Red Bull 400 season is set to conquer ski jumps across Europe, Asia and North America, putting racers all over the world under the most grueling physical pressure they’ll ever face.

Race results for the Men’s and Women’s Finals can be found below. Full race results are available here.


1st – Ian Torchia, 22 (4:47.5) – Marquette, MI

2nd – Matt Lipsey, 27 (5:01.4) – Harrisburg, PA

3rd – Jared Shumate, 19 (5:21.4) – Park City, UT



1st – Anna Mooi, 25 (7:15.3) – Ironwood, MI

2nd – Katie Kubont, 34 (7:19.4) – Marquette, MI

3rd – Jennifer Chaudoir, 45 (7:25.3) – Green Bay, WI

For video and images from today’s action:


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