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Sam Cox update

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Progress update from Sam Cox (who appears in the current issue of Adventure), on behalf of his sponsor Team Forces.
Sam has completed 600km of his epic 2000km Antarctic expedition as he attempts the longest solo unsupported crossing of Antarctica!

Yesterday, Tuesday 12th December, Sam made it onto the mainland of Antarctica, having already travelled over 500km across the Ross ice shelf.
The climb onto the mainland tackling 1:10 slopes which forced him to decant his kit into smaller loads over two trips.

After a 14-hour day on his skis, Sam is currently on the Salee Snowfields and about 160km away from the Antarctic plateau.
Sam said: “It was a big climb up with 300m elevation over 3km.

“It’s now a much steadier climb to the pole. I’m at 1300m and the pole sits around 2800m. But that’s spread over another 820km.
“I’ve had to cope with some pretty hot conditions and viscous winds, and I’m still pulling a lot of weight – but feeling strong and in good spirits.”
You can follow Sam’s progress on the interactive map here, as well as via his Instagram and LinkedIn.

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