Scott Donaldson half distance across Tasman


Kiwi expedition kayaker Scott Donaldson is mid way across the Tasman in his attempt to be the first solo person to cross from Australia to New Zealand in a Kayak.

The 48 year old started from Coffs Harbour – Australia  on the 2nd May, stopped on Lord Howe Island 600km off Australia to avoid a storm, restarting his epic journey on the 19th May.

While there Donaldson won the hearts of the locals and received  a Life Membership to the Lord Howe Island Aquatic Club as the first person to paddle to the island Twice!

Twenty three days into the 2018 attempt, his progress is much quicker than his first in 2014 which took 84 days and left him in sight of Mt Taranaki.  Today the Kiwi is now just over 1100km off Cape Reinga.

Donaldson aims to make landfall on the Taranaki Coast, a combined distance across the Tasman between 2400-3000kms with currents and weather.

The New Zealand Givealittle page to raise money for Asthma research is now open. Scott is making an incredible journey one kilometre at a time, so any donation you make will go a long way towards the end goal.


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