She Climbs: Bouldering for year 9-13 girls

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Northern Rocks are very excited to have secured funding for a further year of our high school girls climbing program РShe Climbs. This means the program is completely free for the girls.  Thanks to Tu Manawa and Active Aotearoa, Harbour Sport who have made this possible.


We are welcoming new climbers into the program for Term 4, no experience required.

We would love it if you would be able to send the information around to your students, put up the posters at school and encourage your girls to come down!


The program is called She Climbs.

Watch the video:



Partnering with Sport NZ and the #itsmymove campaign, She Climbs is a climbing (bouldering) program designed to engage young women in sport, specifically climbing! She Climbs offers a safe and social space for high school age women to experience bouldering and connect with other rad young women. Our program will help young women gain confidence, build body positivity, grow friendships and receive quality coaching from our experienced female coaches.

She Climb empowers young women to give climbing a go in a safe and supportive environment, and to have fun while participating in active recreation! We encourage young women to challenge themselves on the wide variety of climbing terrain, learn new movements, be inspired by each other, and gain fitness and self confidence. Bouldering is for everyone, and is an activity that women can excel in with the techniques, balance and problem solving skills involved!

Fridays 4:30-6:30pm
Term 4: start date Friday 13 October
Year 9-13 girls

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