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From spot-hunting in India to tracking down Wes Kremer, Madars Apse takes us on a worldwide hunt for skateboarding’s lesser-known stories.

Skateboarding’s creative mastermind Madars Apse, returns to Red Bull TV with Season Three of “Skate Tales”, the skateboarding series that travels the globe in search of the misfits, mavericks, and pioneers who define the culture and community of skateboarding. The six-episode third season of “Skate Tales” will be aired on Red Bull TV, released in two batches on June 6th and June 13th.

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Whether it’s meeting the first female pro skateboarder in India, or joining a band of nomadic skaters who collectively reject the notion of living in hotels, Madars finds a wide array of unique characters in Season Three, who use skateboarding as a tool to build communities and push the boundaries of societal norms – including Wes Kremer in San Diego, Atita Verghese from Bangalore, Richie Jackson in Spain, Takahiro Morita in Japan, No Hotels in Argentina and Vitoria Mendonca in Brazil.

From anti-heros to hometown heros, Madars and Skate Tales is on a worldwide hunt for the skateboarding stories you don’t hear every day. Join us for an all-new season of Skate Tales, as Madars takes us through unforgettable experiences with skateboarding’s individualists, asking them the simple question: What does skateboarding mean to you?

Skate Tales Season 3 will be released in two batches on Red Bull TV, on June 6th and June 13th. Batch #1 includes: Wes Kremer, Vitoria Mendonca and Takahiro Morita. Batch #2 includes: Richie Jackson, Atita Verghese and No Hotels.

For more information on Skate Talesand to binge watch every episode, head over to RedBull TV.


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